Air Quality

Air Quality

We believe we have a responsibility to reduce our emissions and protect air quality.

Minimizing emissions, including methane emissions, is not only a requirement of the many laws and regulations at both the state and federal levels, but a sound business practice, as it maximizes the volume of gas available for sale to our customers. Our air quality programs are designed so that our operations meet or exceed federal and state regulations that establish emissions limits, emissions control requirements, monitoring, testing, record-keeping, and reporting requirements, to protect and maintain air quality.

Reducing Emissions

Liquid Unloading

Completion Operations

Pneumatic Bleed Devices

Leak Detection and Repair

Reducing Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Emission Reduction Programs and Achievements


1 Coterra is also subject to state regulations that impose even more stringent requirements on certain emission sources.

2 The Global Warming Potential (GWP) was developed to allow comparisons of the global warming impacts of different gases. The current GWPs over 100 years are 1 for CO2, 25 for CH4, and 298 for N2O. The GWPs allow for the conversion of different gases to a common unit, namely CO2e.